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Thursday, November 13, 2003

Just a quote I found

This is from Fareed Zakaria, one of my favorite journalists. As far as I know, he writes only for Newsweek, so pick up a copy and read him sometime. Here's the quote from Newsweek Nov. 17 2003 p 41:

Sometimes I think that President Bush's critics need to put up a sign somewhere in their rooms that reads: "Some things are true even if George W. Bush believes them.” A visceral dislike for the president is boxing many otherwise sensible people into a corner because they cannot bring themselves to agree with anything he says.

Zakaria is dead on. He goes on to write at length about specifics concerning a speech Bush gave about the Middle East last week (you can read it here). I’m not going to get into those specific instances now, this is to be more of a broad stroke.

I didn’t vote for Bush, I voted Libertarian. I’ve never really had a strong feeling about the president one way or the other. The primal hatred that Zakaria speaks of MUST stop before it gets more people killed. Until we can get some sensible dialog, we can get nothing solved.

However, distrust and dislike and general politicking must not be mistaken for this deep hatred Zakaria writes about. Shaun Hannity would have you believe that anyone who speaks of the president’s…ahem… mistakes in speaking concerning the Iraq war is some mindless Liberal who HATES Bush and cannot have rational thought. This is not the case. Tom Daschle can come out and quote the president and cite his “misstatements” (read: lies) without becoming a babbling broken record. Unfortunately, this is not often the case.

There seems to be a slippery slope here. When one (usually congressional Democrats) begin to speak of the president it such ways, it almost always comes out as hate speech. Whether this is real or perceived is almost irrelevant, because as soon as it gets said, the pundits and polis on the other side start whining and screaming about “treason”. (This MUST also be stopped) We shouldn’t censor people, and there are a lot fewer of these “I hate Bush, no matter the cost” people out there than Mr. Hannity would have you believe. But you folks in power, left and right, can we please act like adults for a few minutes. Ok, well…a man can dream

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