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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Aid For Wounded Troops

Congress can move fast when it wants. Only one day after a
federal judge voided the Federal Trade Commission's "do-not-call"
list designed to stop telemarketing calls from interrupting your
dinner, the U.S. House passed legislation to keep the "do-not-call"

Appearing on C-SPAN, Joseph Anselmo a reporter for Congressional
Quarterly said, "It's the fastest I've ever seen the House act."
According to the Associated Press, Representative Ed Markey said,
"This legislation got to the House floor faster than a consumer
can hang up on a telemarketer at dinnertime."

But while members of the U.S. House were ranting on the House
floor about the need to keep telemarketers from interrupting
everyone's dinner, wounded U.S. troops recovering in hospitals
were being forced to pay for their dinners.

Congressman Bill Young (R-Florida) in a September 4th letter to
his House colleagues wrote, "Upon being discharged from the
hospital, our enlisted personnel and officers are served with a
bill to pay for their 'subsistence' while in the hospital. The
current daily rate for these charges is $8.10.

"We learned about this from our visits with Staff Sargeant William
L. Murwin, who spent 26 days in the hospital recovering from
injuries incurred in Iraq. Sergeant Murwin is a reservist in the
Marine Corps who was injured when a 10-year-old Iraqi dropped a
grenade in the HUMVEE he was driving. As a result of the
explosion, Sergeant Murwin is a partial amputee, having lost a
large part of his foot.

"Upon his discharge July 18th to return home to Nevada and his
job as a sheriff's deputy, Sergeant Murwin was handed a bill
from the hospital for $210.60 to pay for his food and subsistence.
Beverely [Congressman Young's wife] and I paid this bill for
Sergeant Murwin because we consider it an injustice to ask those
who have served us so courageously in Afghanistan and Iraq to
pay for their food while hospitalized because of their service."

To correct this injustice, Congressman Young introduced H.R. 2998
that would permanently stop charging troops injured in combat for
food while hospitalized.

Congress is now considering President Bush's request to spend
billions of dollars to reconstruct Iraq. We think Congress should
first feed America's wounded troops.

Congress can move quickly when it wants. It rushed overnight new
legislation to keep telemarketers from interrupting dinnertime.
Congress should act with the same speed to provide injured troops
recovering in hospitals with dinner.

Urge your U.S. representative to support H.R. 2998 and to work
for its immediate passage. To take action, go to


Kent Snyder
The Liberty Committee

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