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Friday, September 12, 2003

Dear Sean Hannity and other similarly minded numbskulls,

I present you with the following from nizkor.org:

"A Circumstantial ad Hominem is a fallacy in which one attempts to attack a claim by asserting that the person making the claim is making it simply out of self interest. In some cases, this fallacy involves substituting an attack on a person's circumstances (such as the person's religion, political affiliation, ethnic background, etc.)."

Therefore, saying someone's previous acts were bad or were failures IS NOT AN AD HOMINEM ATTACK! Get your stinking logic terms in order before you try to sound intelligent. If one were to say, " Bush only went to Iraq because of his oil interests," then yes, THAT would be an ad hominem attack. Simply saying Bush's policies have been failures is NOT such an attack. Please, at least attempt to be coherent and educated.


The Riverman

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