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Saturday, June 07, 2003

Michael Savage's Assault on the First Amendment

If you look to the left side of this page, you will notice that I have added two new sites to my list of links. They are SavageStupidity and Michael Savage Sucks. Now, I have been a long time detractor of Michael Savage and his obnoxious, facsist radio program. I have added these links now specifically to show my support for these two sites. They are both being sued by Talk Radio Networks (the network who owns Savage's show) because they enlightened advertisers on the show about the shows contents and some advertisers quit using Savage for promotional purposes. The plaintiff also makes other complaints regarding rebroadcast rights and copyright issues. Now the copyright issues I believe TRN can win on. I am no lawyer of course, but they seem to have grounds there. However, the main part of the suit involves Culligan International's (the water guys) stoppage of advertising on the "Savage Nation". TRN is suing the abovementioned website owners for DAMAGES IN EXCESS OF 100K BECAUSE AN ADVERTISER STOPPED USING THEM WHEN THE ADVERTISER REALISED WHAT MICHAEL SAVAGE WAS ABOUT! Is that not insane? By the way, I encourage you to read the text of the lawsuit here. Further, TRN has filed a complaint through the UDRP to try to seize the domain name of savagestupidity.com claming:

Respondent’s domain name is confusingly similar to Complainant’s registered MICHAEL SAVAGE trademark.

The only difference between Complainant’s MICHAEL SAVAGE mark and the disputed domain name is the replacement of the word “Michael” with “stupidity”. The respondent’s domain name is also confusingly similar to the Complainant’s , , , and domain names.

Bizarre or what? The link to that complaint is here.

Now, I now some of you are wondering what the problem is with Michael Savage. So there's another pedantic right-wing nut on the radio. Well.... go here, scroll down a bit and look on the left of the page at the sound clips section. Listen to Savage Dixie Sluts / ChickenHawk, Savage discusses women, 11/22/02 Free Speech, the Millstone and Madness!, 11/19/02 The Millstone Hypocrisy, 11/01/02 Racism in Ethnic Restaurants!
11/22/02 Doper Baby!, 6/14/02 - Savage Threat of Arson and Violence, and 01/14/03 (New) - Ratings, Ritalin, and Sex. You should get the idea. In case your wondering, all his rantings about private detectives watching people and the other threats he makes, they're all directed to the folks that run these websites. I encourage you to go to savagestupidity.com and michaelsavagesucks.com and show your support, or at least send a quick email to the advertisers.

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