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Saturday, April 26, 2003

Tim Robbins etc.

I feel it necessary to chime in now about this Tim Robbins thing. For those of you who may not know, Robbins has been very public about his anti-war stance and his criticisms of the current administration and the right wing in general. Several right-wingers have labeled him a traitor, Benedict Arnold, etc. I am tired of all the fuss about this. Tim Robbins is, and continues to be, one of my favorite actors. But I don’t care a whit about what he has to say about public policy. And yet all the right wing commentators can’t shut up about him. What’s the big deal? He has the right to say whatever he wants, and we have the right to ignore it. Now, I will say he went a little far on one point, and that is his labeling of anyone who disagrees with him to be picking on him or blacklisting him or some such nonsense. A tad hypocritical isn’t it Tim? But hey, it’s Hollywood. And while I’m on the subject of famous people talking politics….

The Dixie Chicks ruckus, one more thing I am sick of hearing about. First, I don’t think what Ms. Maines said is so terrible. Hey, if Kirk Fordice (a past governor of Mississippi) were president, I’d be ashamed that he’s from my state as well. Of course, I’m already ashamed of that. Is that so bad to say? So she doesn’t like GW. So what? And yet all Limbaugh and Hannity and their ilk can seem to do is criticize the girls, calling them the “Ditzy Chicks” and other such names. Obviously, this practice does much to make these two men seem more legitimate, as you can see. And then yesterday we had the “apology” on ABC. Very, very sad. A useless waste of time which only created more fodder for the radio hosts. They seemed insincere, and not highly intelligent. I say, stick by your guns Natalie. If you don’t like the president, say so. If I remember correctly, this is still a free country. Or am I wrong Mr. Ashcroft?

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