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Saturday, April 12, 2003

Biden Sneaks RAVE Act into PROTECT Act 2003

The RAVE act was passed yesterday. 98% voted yes. It was slipped into the PROTECT Act at the last moment, by Joseph Biden (D-DE). Your right to dance, sing, DJ, listen to good music, and run your own business is under attack. The federal government may soon have the power to shut down dance clubs, rock, country, and Hip Hop concerts, gay and lesbian bars, and anything else federal officials don't like.

As you may know, Congress is considering three bills that could land many event promoters, bar and nightclub owners, and stadium owners in jail if even one person uses drugs at their events. If enacted, these bills could prevent you from hearing your favorite band or DJ live. Every musical style would be affected.

The three dangerous bills are the RAVE Act (H.R. 718), the CLEAN-UP Act (H.R. 834), and the Illicit Drugs Anti-Proliferation Act (S. 226). While aimed at the very real problem of substance abuse, the bills go too far by punishing business owners for the drug offenses of their customers and threatening to shut down concerts, circuit parties, dance clubs, and other forms of entertainment. Business owners could be jailed for enacting health measures that save lives - such as teaching their staff first-aid. You could even go to jail for 20 years for throwing a party in your own home.

Senator Biden stuck the text of the RAVE Act into the PROTECT Act at the last minute and the bill was passed. This makes the aforementioned problems LAW!!!!. I urge you to follow the links to the above bills so you too can know what is really going on. Now, the PROTECT Act is a great peice of legislation by itself. It's sole aim WAS to protect children from exploitation. A very laudable goal. And as such, it was passed. However, when Biden threw in the RAVE Act's extensions of the "Crack House Laws", he made the bill into something that should be unsignable by our president. Of course, I fear that the fascist-esque Ascroft/Bush/Cheney regime will sign this into law as soon as possible.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that we contact our representatives and tell them how disgusted we are at their actions.

(877) 762. 8762

Just ask for your senator's office when they answer.

Direct phone numbers, etc can be found at the below web address.


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