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Thursday, February 13, 2003

IDF confirms anti-aircraft reservists called for pre-war training

Well, Israel is getting ready for war. I can only hope that they are not attacked, and if they are, that they do not retaliate. Because if they do...you know what will happen.

"IDF Spokeswoman confirmed Thursday night that call-up notices are being sent out to hundreds of Israeli reservists in anti-aircraft units in preparation for an imminent US-led attack on Iraq. However, Brigadier-General Ruth Yaron said, only a small number of reservists have received call-ups. The spokeswoman confirmed that they were reservists in anti-aircraft missile units, and that they are to be trained in the use of interceptor rockets. The troops called up belong to crews that operate the Patriot interceptor and Hawk missiles, which Israel would use to prevent an Iraqi missile attack.

Speaking to Channel One News Thursday evening, Yaron said call-ups were issued following intelligence suggesting the attack on Iraq could take place "in the next few weeks." Asked, then, whether Israelis should begin preparing for the war on their own (i.e. buy the supplies suggested by the government against chemical and biological warfare), Yaron said it was not yet the time. Announcement will be made when it is, she added.

In the 1991 Gulf War, 39 Scud missiles were fired at Israel. Most of them struck the Tel Aviv area. "

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