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Sunday, December 29, 2002

The Things I Want to Forget About 2K2

I’m STILL in debt.

“Reality” TV shows that are anything but real

Jimmy Carter, Nobel Award Winner

Trent Lott being used by the D’s AND R’s

John Ashcroft is STILL Attorney General

Dick Cheney was able to find a judge to side with him in the General Accounting Office suit

Do they have weapons of mass destruction? “Of course!” Can we see the proof? “Well.... no”.

Bush STILL saying that it’s not about oil

The Catholic Church's pedophile protection plan

Cardinal Law


The Homeland Security Department creation

John Poindexter is back

Robert Torricelli's teary-eyed resignation speech where he both denied wrongdoing and criticized the public for its lack of forgiveness

Henry Kissinger appointed by Bush as the great Truth Detector

Michael Jackson

The Saudi royal family

Terry McAuliffe's pre-election victory guarantees

Terry McAuliffe

Tom Ridge's laughably lame color-coded terror warning initiative

John Ashcroft felt it necessary to spend $8,000 on curtains
to cover a bare-breasted statue

The Paul Wellstone memorial-Rally.

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