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Saturday, December 21, 2002

A little to say about a "Lott"

Hehehehehee....Yes, I know. Very cheesy. I forgot to update my prediction on the page after I found out about the projected "vote of no confidence" on or about the 6th of January. After hearing that, I knew he would resign his post before that meeting, and more specifically, before Christmas. Being a southerner myself, I knew it was a matter of dignity for him to choose his own fate. Or at least seem to choose his own fate. Now, any of us with a brain saw this coming in the days following the "remark". The demonization by the left, the abandonment by the administration. It was obvious that he was being shoved out. The left hates him because he is a southern conservative. The administration wanted him out because he wouldn't toe the company line. Now, I believe it is safe to say that Frist will be their man. A rubber stamp for the Bushies, if you will. I am glad to see that he will remain in the Senate. He's brought many good jobs to Mississippi. And if he were to leave, Gov Musgrove is rumored to want to replace him with the infamous Mike Espy. Yes, that Mike Espy. Ouch.

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