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Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Quick Commentary on the Election

Well, history has been made. The party with presidency gained seats in BOTH houses of Congress for the first time since the civil war. Of course, you know that by now. But what does it mean? Is the Democratic party washed up, as the right-wing pundits like to rave? Or did the public just not get their message, as Terry McAuliffe and his ilk like to say? Actually, neither. As often is the case, both extremes are wrong. The R's would like to think that this is a backlash agains Clintonism and Daschle's gridlocking of Congress. They have seriously overestimated the minds of the American people. The masses barely remember Clinton. On the same token, most hardly know who Daschle is. The main motivating factor was FEAR. The voters wanted a competent war government, and in this day and age, they knew it would need to be Republicans. Sure, they'll pay for it in a few years as the deficit triples, but Bush knows they'll have forgotten his budget habits by then.

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